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The Classic: Giro de Shoreham

If you own a road bike and live in Brighton, Hove or Shoreham then chances are you've done this loop. If not, then get it on your list.

It's our go-to ride from home. You'll avoiding the busy seafront and get a good dose of the beautiful Sussex countryside.

South downs looking south

The Route

Mode: Road bike

Distance: 36km

The South Downs create a bit of a barrier between Brighton and the rest of the country. You can't really go round it. You have to go over it. That is, unless you go via Shoreham. This ride only has one big hill (and a few little ones), bringing you back along the Adur River and through Shoreham.

You can either cycle up Devils Dyke Road or the old Dyke Railway, which is paved and fine for a road bike. Once you're over the ridge, you'll cycle along the back of the Downs through a string of pretty Sussex Villages.

There are various pubs along the route. So, if you're in it for more of a leisurely afternoon I'd recommend stopping at the Shepherd and Dog in Fulking (when it's open in the post COVID-19 era). Other things to keep an eye out for are Bramber Castle and the old Cement Works.


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