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From bluebell woods to downland: 25km MTB route

Updated: May 13, 2020

Bluebells in every direction. That's what a friend told me about the woods at Angmering Park Estate. We set out off the back of this tip and were not disappointed!

This ride takes you on a lap of the wood and across rolling hills to the South Downs Way.

Bluebell spectacular

The bluebells in Wepham Wood, near Angmering Park Estate, knock the socks off Stanmer Park's. Go at the right time of year (April) and you'll find a thick carpet of blue, stretching in every direction. It has the air of a fairytale.

You can park in Patching, either by the church or at the end of the lane by the bridleway. From there it's a short hop across a field and into the woods. You'll find some well marked main thoroughfares through the trees - as well as various trails that you might be tempted to explore off to the sides.

wepham woods bluebells
X marks the spot (for epic bluebells!)
Wepham Wood Bluebells
Wepham Wood Bluebells

Our lap took us anticlockwise around the woods. On arrival at Wepham Wood where most of the bluebells seem to be, we deviated off the main bridleway onto smaller trails for the best vantage point.

If you're after a short easy ride, perhaps with kids, a lap of the woodland here will be perfect.There were lots of families enjoying themselves on foot and on two wheels.

Feeling energetic, although not for long, we opted to head up to the hills. There are plenty of bridleways that link the Angmering Park Estate area and the South Downs Way.

We went via what I think is known as Barpham Hill - and took a rest just after the trig point at the top to enjoy the views and check the map. Whilst doing so, our bikes caught the attention of some curious lambs.

The ascent to the South Downs Way for view north is fairly gentle. Once you've reached the ridge there are plenty of routes back to the car depending on how far you want to go. Had I had more breakfast we would have gone further! Instead we took a fairly direct route back to Patching, with the last couple of KM on a tarmac lane.

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